As a boy in North Idaho, I used to help my grandfather gather huckleberries, dandelions and elderberries every year when he would make his great seasonal wines. Sunrises on Bloom Peak, mountain roads and the sharp winy smell of the back porch on a crisp fall day are memories I’ll never forget.

As I grew older, I carried on the tradition, experimenting with different fruits and recipes, and over time developed some smooth full-bodied fruit wines.

I’ve always preferred fruit wines, not just because they offer a pleasant change from other wines, but so many different kinds of fruit allow for a whole new experience in winemaking, and the possibilities for different tastes and styles are endless.

We offer a wide selection of styles, ranging from a drier blackberry table wine all the way to a sweet higher-alcohol “brandy-style” peach wine. Our wines are made with fresh local produce, fermented “on the berry” for true natural flavor, no syrups, artificial flavors or ingredients. All our wines are handcrafted in small batches and the greatest care and attention is given during every step of the process. The result is a fresh, natural wine you’re sure to enjoy!